8 Home Decor Tips to Get the Designer Look For Less

8 Home Decor Tips to Get the Designer Look For Less

july 5, 2016 · diy, home décor

When I moved into my house last year, I had read so many home decor tips to ensure that I could afford everything I had saved on my Pinterest boards as inspiration.

It was a bigger, brand new home, which meant a bigger mortgage and more furniture is needed to fill it up. I wanted to ensure everything I had in the house was something I wanted to have. If we could only get everything we want on our wish list, it would cost a fortune. To get the designer look without the price tag, I needed to be smart about my shopping.

Home decor tips to get the designer looks with knock offs

Home Decor Tips to Get the Designer Look

For this post, I am using my bedroom as an example to show you what I did. I started off with this image from Design Dining and Diapers as my inspiration. Of course it’s not identical but I was able to replicate many of the things on a really tight budget.

Rustic white bedroom

To get that look, I divided the room into items I needed. This photo shows mostly the bed. There were things I wanted to have that were drawn from other inspiration sources.

My bedroom décor – home decor tips Bedroom embroidered bench

#1 – Check Discounters


Chandeliers can be some of the most expensive items depending on their components, especially if you want the luxurious unique look without the price tag. This was one of the first items I tackled.

Initially I wanted a beautiful chandelier like this one that’s handcrafted by Murano masters according to the Venetian glass art. While it was still a larger purchase (at 530 euros), the price is much lower than what’s found elsewhere. These things can go as high as $8000 on sale! And I’m not kidding. Check for yourself. I opted for something simpler as I decided to put this one in the living room when I redo my lighting there.

Glass chandelier

Cowhide Rug

I’ve already discussed on the blog how I managed to get my cowhides for nearly half the price they usually cost. Looking for furniture discounters will save you hundreds of dollars. This tricolor XXL cowhide is $175, which is an amazing price for it.

Tricolour cowhide rug

#2 – Wait for Sales


While I like the wooden headboard, I wanted to keep a little feminine touch and instead have a tufted white velvet headboard similar to this one that you can find on Overstock for $234. So based on this, I scoured every discount website and compared what they have until I found the cheapest option at $160. I waited for sales on every website and finally the one that panned out with me was Overstock.

Hotel Style Bedding

Next on the home decor tips items is my hotel style bedding. I created an alert on discount website to get notified when it was going on sale. Once it did, I made sure to snatch it right away!

Embroidered Bench

This bench started off at around $400. When I went it to check it out again, they had brought it down to $99. Yup! Reason being is that it had a loose part that I managed to quickly fix at home.

#3 – Get the Knock Offs

Night Tables

I had always loved those grid style metal side tables. They’ve been around for a while but every time I saw them, one side table was like $350 each! I found some at a discounter. But honestly the price was still high. Finally I snatched a knock off (large size) from Bouclair for $300 for 2!

Hammered Metal End Tables

It took me a while to decided what I wanted to put at the foot of the bed. I had seen several home decor tips call for hammered metal as night tables or end tables and decided to give it try. Again glancing over products online, prices were overwhelming with $200 a pop. Luckily I found y replica for no more than $60 each, making it an easy purchase.

#4 – Buy Second Hand

Industrial Table Lamps

For my industrial table lamps, I bought them separately. Fancy ones can be upwards of $200. But I wasn’t gonna dish out that kind of money for it. If you want my home decor tips, hunt them down. I scavenged sites like Craigs List and Kijiji until I found the first for $25. Score! The second came a little more expensive at $40 tax free and delivered to my door. I did find one similar Industrial desk lamp from Amazon if you like for $20.

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